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14 March 2007 @ 11:50 am
Made two fanvids. The second one is a shorter version of the first, just with a different song and without Jenny.

Gimme ShelterCollapse )


New York GrooveCollapse )
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What were everyone's thoughts on the episode? I posted mine on BlackDonnellysForum.com earlier, but will copy/paste what I said below.

This whole episode was really amazing. It also kept me on the edge of my seat. A few notes though.

-I am torn on Tommy/Jenny as of now. IDK, after what happend in the basement, you can see why she doesn't want any part of 'that' in Tommy's life and he's really in it now. All of the brothers are. Moreso than before. So you can't really blame her for walking away. I don't know about Samson either. Whenever I look at him all I can think is 'fucking guy shot Billy in The Departed'. LOL. Maybe that has something to do with it.. I don't know.

-Jimmy/Joanie are kind of funny. She seems more of a druggie than he is. Damn. And the scene where he's peeing on the grave? OMFG. I was on the floor. For some reason that was funny to me. I'm sick, I know. I just thought it was funny. LOL, and they just ran to the car and drove off. BA HA!

-Kevin took off after Dookie called and told him he was in the basement and wanted all of them to come down. WTF?! That was so random! I guess Dookie freaks him out or something? LOL. That was sort of funny but got me thinking that maybe he's not cut out for the criminal life like Tommy and Jimmy are.

-I almost died when Dookie made Jimmy put his leg on the thing. OMFG. I thought he was seriously going to use that sledgehammer. It was funny when Jimmy and Tommy pulled out the guns on them, tehe. There's an example of how literate Jimmy can be when he's NOT ON DRUGS. LOL. Someone needs to take the initiative and get him off of that shit. When he's not on it or completely wasted and opening his big mouth (though I do love him, he has a big mouth) he's actually somewhat smart.

-The scene with Tommy and Huey's son were really sweet. I'm guessing Kate's going to be around for awhile. Like her too.

And does anyone else agree that if Jimmy is ever going to kick this problem of his that drug buddy slut aka Joanie must go? I thought I'd like her, but I just don't.
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10 March 2007 @ 08:33 am
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Wanted to welcome all of the new members to the community. Introduction posts upon joining are more than welcome. Feel free to discuss the Jimmy Donnelly, the show, Tom Guiry.. post spoilers, fanfiction, fanart, icons, ect. No bashing, please.

You can also introduce yourself to the other members of the group by replying to this post. I am trying to keep all of the intro's in one section :) You can find several needed tags on the right side so you don't have to look through subject posts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at brooklynnfan@gmail.com
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