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love for jimmy donnelly/tom guiry

if you gamble his money, he'll bite your thumbs off.

♥ for tom guiry/jimmy donnelly
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He's the black sheep of the Donnelly clan. He's mean. He's surly. He likes punching people in bars who don't like it when he yells in their ear. He likes to steal trucks even though he can't drive. And he really, really dislikes Italians. Did we mention that he's angry? But yes..we love him anyway.


This is the first community soely dedicated to fans of the character Jimmy Donnelly from the NBC drama, The Black Donnellys, and the incredibly talented actor who plays him, Tom Guiry. You can discuss episodes (of course, Jimmy-centric discussions are encouraged), Tom, or anything else relating to the show. Fanfiction, icons, videos, or anything creative like that is also allowed.


001. No fighting with other members. If you have a beef with another member, take it up with me or email them and duke it out. Don't do it here. I'll delete both of you.
002. NO HATERS ALLOWED. Alot of people dislike Jimmy's character (or at least that's the impression I get from other message boards). This is a place for fans of Jimmy and Tom Guiry to come together. So if you don't like him, go somewhere else.